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Plant Watching | 8 Legged Exploring White Beauty

A lovely white beauty is being explored by an 8 legged wanderer.
Spider on White beauty


Skywatching | Lonely Black Beauty Returning Home

A lonely Black Beauty on the way back home, after her final flight of the day.
Black Beauty On The Way Back Home

Skywatching | Sky At 0700

At 0700 hours in the morning, the sight above is quite refreshing, even though it is ephemeral.
The Sun at 7am

Skywatching | Sun At 1800 Hours

Dazzling, entrancing beauty at 1800, just before opening her eyes to the other side of the globe.
The Sun - Entrancing Beauty

Nepal Watching | Yeti | Rock With Footprints

This rock with human footprints is found deep inside a Nepali jungle. The folks in the village claim that it is hundreds of thousands of years old. Whenever they see or speak about this beautiful rock, they genuinely show so much of reverence.
Reference: Yeti – Abominable Snowman
Yeti – Abominable Snowman
Rock With Footprints In A Nepali Jungle

Skywatching | Lonely Black Beauty Admiring The Dusk

May 17, 2017 7 comments

It appears that a lonely black beauty, on her final flight of the day, awed at the glorious sight of the dusk
Black Beauty At Dusk

Bird Watching | Black Beauties | Classic Take Off-51

May 17, 2017 2 comments

Classic Take off Of Black Beauty

Skywatching | Speckled Sparkling Sky

Speckled Sky

Skywatching | Enchanting Display

May 15, 2017 4 comments

Enchanting Sky

Bird Watching | Black Beauties | Classic Take Off-50

Black Beauty - Take off

Plant Watching | Fully Bloomed White Beauty

White Beauty - Jasmine

Skywatching | Sun At 0700 Hours

Sun At 0700 Hours

Skywatching | At 0700 Hours | 112 Degrees ESE

Sunrise at 0700 hours

Plant Watching | Pud | The White Beauty

Pud, the Thai white beauty, appears to be enjoying last night’s rain drenching her fully.
**** This photo was originally taken by Ms. Pat, my good friend from Thailand.
Thai White Beauty Pud

Plant Watching | Fatigued White Beauty

Somewhat a tired looking white beauty at 0700 hours in the morning.
White beauty

Skywatching | Sun At 0700

May 11, 2017 3 comments

Sun at 0700 hours

Bird Watching | Black Beauties | Classic Take Off-49


Skywatching | Dazzling Display

Dazzling, charming display during final leg of the day.

Skywatching | Lonely Black Beauty In Flight

May 9, 2017 2 comments


Skywatching | Heading For A New Beginning

May 8, 2017 4 comments

Sunset At 1800 hours

Skywatching | At 1800 Hours | 264 Degrees W

May 8, 2017 3 comments

Sunset At 1800 hours

Nepal Watching | Ant Home In Jungle

Ant home on top of the tree in the Nepali jungle.
Ant Home

Birdwatching | Adorable Sparrow

Adorable Sparrow

Nepal Watching | Green Leaves From Jungle

4 Nepali village women, their backpacks filled with green leaves for goats and dry firewood, on their way back to their homes from the jungle.
Nepali Jungle

Skywatching | South Meets North

Where South meets North….
North Meets South

Skywatching | At 0700 | 110 Degrees ESE

Sunrise at 110 deg ESE