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Nepal Watching | Mother | 80th Birth Anniversary

Nepal – Grand birth anniversary celebration

An year ago there was a major celebration in the village. I was given to understand, an 80th birth anniversary of an old mother was being fervently celebrated in a grand manner. As per their custom, the mother was being carried by her son on his back, throughout the village. A unique event, I was fortunate enough to witness.

Nepali Birthday Celebration

Nepali Birthday Celebration


Nepal Watching | Inside The Nepal Jungle

April 30, 2018 4 comments

Inside The Nepal Jungle – If not all, most of the Nepali villagers’ lives and livelihood are entwined and entrenched with their jungles. Nepali women are highly industrious, humble, spiritual and off the work, they are meticulous and uncompromising about their appearance and dress style.

Nepalese Jungle

Nepali Jungle

Nepali Jungle

Nepal Watching | Sowing Corn Seeds

April 27, 2018 Leave a comment

Nepali Village – 2 lovely kids seen supervising their uncle and aunty in their corn field.

Nepalese kids in corn field

Nepali Village – Brother and Sister are busy sowing corn seeds.

Corn seed sowing Season

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