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Self-Watching – 10 day Stint – Vipassana Meditation

Dharma_Wheel.svgFinally made it!!!!

Vipassana Meditation – A 10 day silent, breathing meditation technique, to observe sensations from head to toe.

I heard about Vipassana way back in ’99, tried to join in 2007 but had to cancel due to some official reasons, finally this month made it. The course was conducted between 3rd and 14th instant.

I read in their site before going to the meditation center only the very basic information. I was looking very much forward to achieving two important aspects; one, to know whether I can remain silent for 10 days and 2nd, to get disciplined. As a matter of fact, whatever I learnt over there was more than I could have asked for.

As far as meditation for the whole day was concerned, it was quite unique and yes the sessions were physically daunting and challenging as well, especially sitting cross-legged for nearly 10+ hours with short breaks in-between. Only on the seventh day, I was able to sit firm and straight for hours with less pain on my bums and on my back. Many fellow meditators on 11th day and also our teacher, during counseling, appreciated I could sit and meditate with ease for hours. Last month, I was diagnosed for Lumbar Spondylosis. I was bit concerned at that time whether I could make it, however, I am back home now and feeling much better. 🙂

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