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Weekend Musing | Quotes From A Book

These are some interesting quotes, from a novel I am reading now.

Question: Why should wise men like you be involved in politics?
Reply: “Politics is far too serious a matter to be left to politicians”,…..

Question: Is war the only solution to political differences?
Reply: “Politics is war without bloodshed and war is simply politics with bloodshed”.

Question: Isn’t good government about acting on principles?
Reply: “Absolutely. Government is about principles. And the principle is, never act on principle”.

Question: Are principles greater than money?
Reply: “Remember one central tenet. When anybody says, “It isn’t the
money, it’s the principle”, they actually mean that it’s the money”.

I would much rather die for my country.
“It’s foolish men who die for their country. The intelligent ones make
others die for their country instead. Remember, he who plans and
runs away, lives to fight another day. That’s not cowardice, it’s


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