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Make Time For The Important Things

Derby City Rambler

How many times have you said “I don’t have time.” When it involves someone or something important? If you are like me, you’ve said this way too many times. Especially when your excuse is feeling tired, or you’re watching a game, or playing one.

With the countless hours the average American spends fooling around on social media, enjoying senseless entertainment, and yes, even blogging… there is always time to make time for the important people in your life or your household pets.

As compassionate and caring beings, we can look back at a time when we uttered those thoughtless words … “I don’t have time. I’ll do it tomorrow.” And much to our reality of horror, there was no tomorrow. I know i’ve been there too many times than I care to admit.

Next time you have this excuse on deck and ready to use as replies when you don’t…

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