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Tree Lady

Fabulous, really…


I got lost in the forest.
It was dark.
I tripped over stones.
I was scratched by thorns.
I groped my way through earth and tangles of branches and leaves, rough bark broken skin bleeding.
I cried streams, seeped into earth cracked dry.
And I opened myself to see.
I see trees like pillars, rooted, support, connecting earth to sky.
At my most vulnerable I am asked to be my most strong.
When I feel so empty I am asked to hold a greater capacity than I ever imagined.
I ask for love.
And I see it is everywhere.
This fabric of life around me that supports me and sustains me and loves me.
These braches that hold me, this trunk that roots me, this earth that nourishes me, this light that guides me.
I am naked and vulnerable and you can look at me.
And to stand magnificant, rooted…

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