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My Right Ear Is Almost Dead | Boon Or Bane

A Real Life Drama

It all started way back in 1999 but it was only in early 2006, out of curiosity I decided to visit an ENT specialist with vast experience to have my ears checked, particularly the right one because I was not able to hear properly. Actually I presumed and was anticipating him to tell me that the problem was due to wax in the right ear and the rest were all normal. But it ended up entirely differently and a permanent solution to the perennial problem I was enduring for long time. He told me after conducting various tests, in a low tone expecting some kind of a reaction from me, that my right ear had lost 50% of hearing ability and advised me for further investigation deep inside the ear, and that would entail a surgery which would require me to get admitted in the hospital for at least few days; he knew at that time I was an active Gold futures trader. To his utter consternation, I coolly replied there was no need for that with a broad smile on my face, as though a great event took place in my life. He was confused and asked me, was I not unhappy or upset or disheartened to hear that I had lost half my hearing ability in one of my ears and that would require more investigations to help find a solution. I sincerely told him I was very much happy and relieved to hear the news because I could sleep without any disturbances from external noises, especially from the street dogs and vehicles passing by. 

It was in 1999, after God himself became fed up of seeing me spending sleepless nights decided to find a solution and thus, one fine noon sent me crashing inside a bus upon boarding, for the local bus drivers are fond of testing the breaks every few minutes and I ended up with my right chest banged on one of the iron poles inside that lucky bus. For couple of days nothing happened, my sleeplessness continued unabatedly and then started the real drama. The initial pain that started I could bear, gradually intensified and inevitably I ended up, after being recommended by a friend of mine, with an Orthopedic Surgeon. An elderly person with soft and kind approach, after examining my X-ray reports told me that there was no major damage. I was advised to undergo for 15 days some kind of heat therapy in his hospital itself. Before starting the therapy he said he would administer one localized injection and he did administer one silently right on my right nipple. In the mean time, while the initial pain, before going to the Orthopedic Doctor, became unbearable I was left with no choice but to sleep on my left hand side, for I was very much accustomed to sleeping on my right hand side. I suddenly realized after couple of days of started sleeping on my left hand side that something very unusual was happening; I could not hear any external noises that were keeping me from sleeping for ages. I was delighted and my cup of joy started over flowing, but the joy did not last for long was reminded that it was ephemeral, at least for now,  since the pain on my chest overtook everything.

After returning home from the hospital with a localized injection on my right nipple, the real and new trouble had started from that night. The excruciating pain on my right chest really began to test me to the core. It was not the problem of not being able to sleep with the recent boon I was blessed with for I was used to spending sleepless nights but the combined effect from the crash in the bus and the localized injection right on the nipple, the whole experience was  completely inexplicable. Come to think of it, one thing was for sure, the pain from the crash was bearable. lol

The heat therapy finally came to the end with minor (sometimes very much major) incidents; the nurse would tie a broad belt on my chest and was supposed to gradually increase the temperature and monitor closely. But everyday it would be the other way round; she would start well but once the temperature increased to recommended high level, she would forget I was there trapped like a mouse inside a cage, for she would be either busy chatting with  her bf or gf or attend another patient and by the time she returns, I would be sweating like a pig from the high temperature burning my skin. She would, as though everything was normal, upon returning, casually untrap me from the clutches of the so called heat belt and bid me bye and I leave thanking her.

Finally, I was relieved from all the treatments, pains and thanked god for the entire episode and the tests that he gave expecting me fully to pass, knowing I am, like most, if not every human being, a never giving up type and a type of a man who learned thru’ experiences over a period of time, to see good in everything that’s happening in the life. I started sleeping then onwards on my left hand side and  later, upon knowing the actual fact in 2006, sleeping more comfortably.

To conclude this real life drama happened in my life, I briefly narrated the 1999 incident and experience to my ENT specialist before parting from him and thanked him for his time. On his part he said, he had never seen in his entire career some one feeling good about something he was losing and lost. I was just short of telling him but refrained from doing so – that’s one of the reasons he was doing well in his profession.

Healthy And Wealthy Life

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