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To Use Car Alternator And Inverter | Power The Homes In Villages

One of the richest qualities of being humans is, we always expect others not only to find solutions for our problems irrespective of the fact whether we have the inclination, interest and involvement to try and/or implement the solution given by others, but also to tell us that we are facing problems or there is an impending trouble ahead of us.

In the quest to finding a solution to the ever lasting power problems faced by my wife’s sister in her village –  frequent outages, low voltage for long hours, huge fluctuations –  after considering many options, I finally stumbled upon an idea that is not only less expensive compared to others, less cumbersome to maintain and that would not only put an end to their power woes but would also reduce their utilities bill to some extent.

The project: To use Car Alternator and Inverter with battery bank to generate, store and supply power to the bulbs, fans, computers etc. Not to use fuel and limited use of mains power.

The method: In the first phase, to run the Car Alternator by an induction motor used for pumping water (it’s available unused) to produce DC voltage and convert the same by an inverter to 220 voltage AC. Charging of the battery bank to be taken care of by the car alternator. In the second phase to develop an auto system to start the motor and run the alternator to charge the battery bank when the battery voltage drops below 11 and stop the motor when the battery voltage reaches 13.8. And in the third phase, to explore the possibilities of running the Alternator without any electrical motors.

As of yesterday, I have successfully completed the first phase and the unit is ready for implementation at any time.

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