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Python3.3 | Access To Google Finance Intraday Data

This is my first official project in Python 3.3.2.

First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Mark Chenoweth, who originally wrote the entire script in Python 2.7, without his encouragement I would not have ventured into converting the script to Python 3.3.2. I also wish to thank Python-forum, whose guidance was crucial in completing my task with ease.

Version Details:

Python 3.3.2

Few words about the script: With this script you can both view the downloaded data as well as store the data in csv format. The data will be stored in the directory from where you run the script. I have added user input feature so that you can enter the symbol of your choice. In the second user input, you have to enter “symbol”.csv. Since I am a total beginner to programming as well as to Python, with my limited knowledge I wrote these snippets; if you have a better way, I would love to learn.

My next assignment will be to store the data in Mysql database and to add charting features with my HMA-BB MDTS. I will be doing the charting with Matplotlib and Numpy.


import urllib.request
import datetime
import time

class Quote(object):
    DATE_FMT = '%Y-%m-%d'
    TIME_FMT = '%H:%M:%S'

    def __init__(self):
        self.symbol = ''
        self.date,self.time,self.open_,self.high,self.low,self.close,self.volume = ([] for _ in range(7))

    def append(self,dt,open_,high,low,close,volume):

    def to_csv(self):
        return ''.join(["{0},{1},{2},{3:.2f},{4:.2f},{5:.2f},{6:.2f},{7}\n".format(self.symbol,
              for bar in range(len(self.close))])

    def write_csv(self,filename):
        with open(filename, 'w') as f:

    def read_csv(self,filename):
        self.symbol = ''
        self.date,self.time,self.open_,self.high,self.low,self.close,self.volume = ([] for _ in range(7))
        for line in open(filename, 'r'):
            symbol,ds,ts,open_,high,low,close,volume = line.rstrip().split(',')
            self.symbol = symbol
            dt = datetime.datetime.strptime(ds+' '+ts,self.DATE_FMT+''+self.TIME_FMT)
        return True

    def __repr__(self):
        return self.to_csv()

class GoogleIntradayQuote(Quote):

    ''' Intraday quotes from Google. Specify interval seconds and number of days '''
    def __init__(self,symbol,interval_seconds=300,num_days=5):
        self.symbol = symbol.upper()
        url_string = "http://www.google.com/finance/getprices?q={0}".format(self.symbol)
        url_string += "&i={0}&p={1}d&f=d,o,h,l,c,v".format(interval_seconds,num_days)
        csv = urllib.request.urlopen(url_string).readlines()
        for bar in range(7,len(csv)):
            if csv[bar].decode().count(',')!=5: continue
            offset,close,high,low,open_,volume = csv[bar].decode().split(',')
            if offset[0]=='a':
                day = float(offset[1:])
                offset = 0
                offset = float(offset)
            open_,high,low,close = [float(x) for x in [open_,high,low,close]]
            dt = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(day+(interval_seconds*offset))

if __name__ == '__main__':
#    q = GoogleIntradayQuote('sbin', 300, 6)
    q = GoogleIntradayQuote(input('symbol: '))
    q.write_csv(input('csv: '))
#    q.write_csv('sbin.csv')

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